Lord of the Rings for Tweens, “The Key of Kilenya” by Andrea Pearson


“The Key of Kilenya” by Andrea Pearson brings you into a world of magic, danger, and many strange and wonderful beings.
A “Lord of the Rings type of adventure that follows the story of 14 year old Jacob Clark as he attempts to retrieve a magic key. This key holds the power to destroy Kilenya and his own world in the wrong hands. The Lorkon, evil and immortal beings, have the key and want Jacob too. The story starts with a simple young man, wanting to get on the varsity basketball team, getting chased by terrifying wolves through a door to Kilenya. Jacob is thrust into this adventure against his will and along with Akeno, a Makalo, and two Minyas, September and Early, to save the Key. They find many dangers on the road, infected forests, dangerous Rogs, crazy gate keepers, and of course the Lorkon at the end of the road. They receive help from unexpected places and meet unexpected people. The end leaves you ready for book two of the series “The Ember Gods”. They have a missing member of their traveling party and the Lorkon are still after Jacob. He is safe and back home, but for how long?
I gave this book 4 1/4 twinkling stars. It was well written and the story really keeps you involved. There were a few slow points in the story I feel could have been filled with a little bit of history of Jacob or Kilenya, but maybe those blanks are filled in the rest of the series.

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New Discovery

picture from Goodreads

picture from Goodreads

I read “Prismatica” by L. David Hesler last night. When reading the description on Amazon I figured I could read a bit here and a bit there. I ended up getting trapped like a mouse on a glue trap. I finished it in one sitting and Mr. Hesler owes me a few hours of missed sleep. Each story was connected in a virtually imperceptible way. They felt separate. The poems were deep and a bit disturbing. Mr. Hesler the landscape of your imagination is a very queer, I’m not sure I’d like to visit.
Regardless, I give this book 5 twinkling stars. I cannot wait to read more of Hesler’s ensnaring stories!
As a post script here in posting my ratings in various spots I noticed something, this book has extremely high ratings. For those wondering about this, everyone of them is on the money!

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The Seven Kingdoms Comes to Life

“A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin continues from the last book with no break in the tale. Its very hard to not to want to grab the next book and stay with the new friends you make as you read this series. I haven’t as of yet been able to start another book or series. I have a need to stay in this world. Coming from me, who is an adulterer in the fiction world, skipping from story to story with little regard, that is impressive. I love anything with a story between its covers. Being faithful to one series is not my M. O. That being said Book Two keeps you in the middle of all the stories Martin is weaving. The surprising twists and turns don’t stop, even as backgrounds get filled in. In my experience the second book of a series is usually slow and a bit of a bear to get through. Martin does not allow the story to slow down and that completely impresses me.
These books should be considered classics in the future. Martin is a literary genius and I am now a true fan. I give this book 5 twinkling stars and an extra credit star for inspiring literary faithfulness in this reader.

For the Tolkien Fans

I am an unashamed Tolkien fan. I love the world of Middle Earth. For those that understand that stance I truly believe you will enjoy “A Game of Thrones” by George R. R. Martin.
I wasn’t sure I would enjoy having to keep up with several separate stories. Other books that written in this style seem so choppy and difficult to follow. Martin takes this style from near slop to an artistic level. Each chapter is devoted to a different character. The characters are different ages, sexes, histories, and personalities. They are situated in different situations and locations around this wonderfully developed world Martin has made. Yet the tales intertwine so beautifully. Each person in this story is so real and so deep with layers of personality you feel like you know them. The descriptions leave you feeling like you’ve seen a photograph yet not overly flowery or wordy.
Needless to say I truly enjoyed this book. My rating 4.75 twinkling stars.

Once Upon a Time, The Book of Story Beginnings by Kristin Kladstrup

The Book of Story Beginnings by Kristin Kladstrup is a cute story. It is one of the tales where the book characters enter the story. The spin on this was you wrote the beginning of the story and the story took off on its own. There are many adventures of other started stories and how they combine together and be come one story.
It was well written and the characters were easy to identify with. The biggest thing I disliked was the pace was very fast and fairly difficult to keep the story straight.

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