Mystery and Mayham, The Advertures of Sherlock Holmes

I decided to round out my reading list a bit. Its time to add some classic novels to my repertoire. I will admit I chose “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle because of the movie. I love the movie. Now, after reading this installment of the Sherlock Holmes books I am a through and through fan. The character of Sherlock is spot on. He performs random experiments, does cocaine, plays with disguises, and is maniacally focused on the little details that others miss. Watson is sarcastic and every bit of a teammate to Holmes. In the cartoons when I was a kid they portrayed Watson to be fat and pathetic, like the lap dog that follows you everywhere. He is nothing like that. I was riveted! Kudos also goes to the writers of the movie, the dialogue was very true to the original and reading the book was much like watching the movie.

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