The Girl Least Likely To Marry

Cassiopeia (Cassie) is pure and simple a scientist. Imagine the tv show The Big Bang Theory she has the attitude of Sheldon and Raj’ s job. She is blunt to the point & lacking on social skills, everything has a scientific reason or so she thinks. The Awesome Foursome as her group of friend are called have been together since college. Cassie has watched them drool over the track team and date guys while kind of looking down on them for letting their hormones control them. That is until she meets Tuck at Reece’s nonwedding where just being around him make a her mind go blank.

Tuck is a ex NFL quarterback who believes he is God’s gift to women, until he meets Cassie who thinks he is a few crayons short of a full box. She doesn’t understand how she can be so attracted to someone so dumb. She can’t get away from his pull on her. Tuck who would usually be very offended finds her funny & arousing. So while Cassie is fighting the attraction Tuck is encouraging it.

Will Cassie figure out love isn’t logical and our hearts sometimes take over or will Tuck show her that life isn’t can’t always be explained by science?

I rate this book 4.5 stars it was comical and refreshing.

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