Broken Ever After

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Olivia is 18 & in her last year of high school and has a minor crush on her math teacher who is 26. Three weeks from the end of school she hooks up with him but makes him wait until is is officially out of school so he won’t get in trouble. So while she is flirting with him an ex boyfriend is stalking her. The night of prom which is also the last night of school for her the ex decides to make his move and take what she won’t give out. After the police take him away she goes with Jamie (teacher) to his house. There she finds out he has more money than anyone thought, including Olivia. Olivia has her own secrets about her background. As things keep going there becomes a threat against Olivia and she has to make some big decisions about her future and her relationships.

This book I believe puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on a girl who is barely old enough to know what she wants. Granted she has a strong supporter that counsels her through some of the stuff she has confided in him. The only other thing I believe could have made the book better was tying up some of the loose ends.

I rate this book a 4.


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