Holy Hotness: Hers by Dawn Robertson


Seven James is a child of hippie parents who didn’t really want her, her boyfriend Daniel doesn’t want her. So when he breaks up with her for a stepford wife she plots revenge that will hit him hard. She plans to take over the world, well to be a very powerful woman in the business world and her sights are set on his birth right, Alexander Mobile.

To celebrate becoming the boss at Alexander Mobile Seven heads to Sinners and Swingers a kink club. There she is known as Mistress Marilyn it is a club where first names aren’t usually known. There she meets Levi who is new to the club, she has a few rules 1. Protection is a must, 2. Strap ons will be used & 3. This is a one time only encounter. After a night of Hot sex Levi goes home.

Seven goes into her new office to a board meeting to meet her board members, of course Daniel is there looking a little worse for wear but then so is Levi. The one man who she has been thinking about since their night, but doesn’t want to admit. Levi has also been thinking about her and wanting to submit to her again.

Will Seven break her rules and give Levi another night or will Levi break her insecurities to get more than just 1 night?

I rate this book 4.5 stars, the sex is hot, the story keeps you interested.


I agree with Manda this is a book full of steamy bedroom(bathroom, office, public) scenes. There’s also a little ff and ffm action. The end is a true romance book ending sigh…



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One thought on “Holy Hotness: Hers by Dawn Robertson

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