The Canuck Werewolf


Rylee gets volunteered to take her brother and his friends camping. A chore as most big sister will tell you and since I’m the baby I’ve heard it! Anyway She wasn’t really all that enthused with going but when she gets there she meets this very HOT guy who immediately starts staring in her fantasies. Atticus sees her and all of his animal urges come to life screaming there is my mate! Atticus goes to find he  on the walking trail and they end up in a very steamy makeout session. Then the spesky little brother shows up to put a stop to it. Atticus knows what his body & wolf are demanding but he wants her to have a choice. When they go back to his campsite after supper there is a surprise visitor who doesn’t care for mortals.

I give this book a rating of 4 it was a good short story I just wish it was longer!



Bookish Thoughts
Crys and Manda

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