Existence Trilogy by Abbi Glines


Pagan is an ordinary girl on the outside but what no one knows is that she can see the souls of dead people. On the 1st day of her senior year she sees a soul of the most gorgeous guy sitting on the picnic table outside the school. She has found out from past experience that if she ignores them they won’t follow her. So she walks past him and goes to meet her best friend Miranda to see what classes she has. Miranda is drooling over Leif Montgomery who is the high school quarterback. As Pagan goes to her first class early she realizes that she should have waited since she is alone and that is usually when she sees the souls. Of course there sets the soul who starts talking to her which freaks her out because the entire time she has seen the souls they have never spoken.

As the day goes on she thinks about this strange occurrence. At lunch Lief whom she considers an arrogant jock comes and asks her to tutor him in speech. Pagan showing her dislike questions how he knows he needs help already causing home to walk away dejected. When Pagan gets home her mom confronts her telling her about Leif’s learning disability makes her feel like a jerk. She agrees to tutor him. Then her soul comes back and pretty much stalks her telling her what he thinks.

As time goes by Pagan’s feelings for Leif start to change, she begins to like him. One day he upsets her & she over reacts by leaving the school. The soul tells her she needs to stay he begs but she still leaves. As when upset people are driving she wasn’t paying attention & got in a car wreck, almost killing her. The soul keeps her company while she is out of school, he plays her a lullaby and she thinks about him a lot. When she gets back to school she is dating Leif & Miranda is about to jump out of her skin with excitement because Dank Walker, a rock star, is enrolled in her school. Who also happens to be the soul following her around.

As things progress and twist and turn I couldn’t put the book down. Trying to figure out exactly who Dank is, what is wrong with Pagan. Then when you think you know it all Dank drops a bomb of a cliff hanger on the last line of the book!!!

I give this book 5+ stars!!!!

Warning if you haven’t read Existence then you might not want to read this review!

Pagan is a selfless giving person and that could get her into some issues. Dank has come back to her, when she gave the ultimate sacrifice to live in pain without him so he wouldn’t be tortured.

So now Pagan has a new boyfriend, a new friend & a missing ex boyfriend who isn’t quite human. As it turns out Pagan has a protector against dying early but now he has to fight the death voodoo king for her soul.

I loved the way Abby keeps the story changing and gets you all wrapped up in the story. She makes it easy to feel what they are feeling in the book so much that you don’t want to put it down!

I give this book 5 stars.


Pagan and Miranda are in college and meeting old friends and new well new to them now friends.
Wow if Pagan and Dank can’t get a break! So she survived her ordeals with the voodoo Prince but now the deity has decided she needs to be given the chance to chose between her soul mate and Dank. The only way to make the choice fair, the deity wipes Pagan’s memories and that of her friends and mom. So now Dank has to win her over without scaring her.

Again I couldn’t put this book down! Unfortunately this book several grammatical errors. So even though this is one of my favorites I’m giving this book 4.5 stars!


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