A Girl, A Guy, and A Ghost


As this book’s title says there is a girl, a guy and a ghost but also a few other characters. A French man who reminds you of Pepe Le Pew (you know the cartoon skunk who follows the black cat around), a Madam fortune teller, a supposed vampire & a wizard.

Giselle is a journalist for a ghosthunter magazine who has an assignment in Savannah the most haunted city. Her best friend decides to set her up on a blind date with Vector (Pepe) in the pretense of it being an interview about a ghost. When she realizes it is a date she leave only to have him follow. In the process of leaving she runs into the most gorgeous guy she has seen. Vector insists they are in a relationship so he leaves. Giselle irritated tells Vector off & decides to go on a ghost tour. On the tour with a drunk tour guide who makes up her stories she meets the man again only this time she dumps her & his drinks all over him. He gets mad & leaves.

The next day her friend meets her & apologizes over for setting her up with Vector. To make up for it she sends her to a private investigator’ s office which just happens to be th  gorgeous guy whom she keeps knocking over. Rylan is not happy yo see her and pretty much tells her to leave when she brings up looking for a ghost. So on a tight time table she goes to see Madam Divinity to see if she can find her a ghost to investigate. There she make a enemy when she gets upset about being told about her love life & accidentally breaks Madam’ s crystal ball in two.

She ends up going to a hotel/restaurant that is suppose to be haunted & runs into Ry while he is meeting with a client. She takes their picture & runs from him. She runs into a room thinking it is the bathroom but in fact is a very small closet with Ry pressed tight against her. Here things get steamy and when they get out he agrees to help her. Especially when he finds out about the death threats against her.

There are so many twists and turns in this book that it keeps you guessing. Giselle seems to draw trouble with every turn, with Ry to help figure it out.

Great book, I give it a 4.5 stars.


About mandalynn30

I am a single young lady who loves to read books and discuss them with my friend. I also love to crochet and play aunt to all of my friend's kids.

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