Reclaimed Trilogy


Reclaimed is a trilogy of novellas Released, Redeemed & Reluctant.

This series is about 3 sisters who after the middle sister Kylah refused Laird Angus’ hand in marriage because he was a cruel man. He raped her in front of her mother then doused her sisters in whiskey &set them on fire to kill them. There mother who survived bargained with the banshee queen to bring her daughters back for vengeance.

Released is about Kartriona. She goes to Laird Angus’ twin brother Rory to kill him as her part of killing off Angus’ blood line. When she gets there ready for vengeance all her banished screaming does is make him fall to the ground & cover his ears. Her touch brings him pleasure which should bring him pain. Rory feeling guilty about what was done secretly paid to have his brother & father killed. So their vengeance is gone. While Katriona is trying to kill him Rory is planning on getting married to save the clan, so he doesn’t love his bride he is in love with his banshee whose time is limited to 3 months before she is a slave to the banshee queen.

Reclaimed is Kylah’s story. When asked how she feels about the turn of events in Katriona’s life she realizes that she hasn’t had time to grieve for herself, she has never raised her voice or felt any feelings. As she is off getting space she feel anguish, sadness & rage so she goes to find it & meets the Druid, Daroch McLoed. He wants nothing to do with her but she follows him around like a 2 year old always asking “why”.  As as he is following him she sees he is working with metals and impresses him with her knowledge & offers him the use of her father’s shop. She takes him there but refuses to go in the back room with the tools. He looks for an explanation & learns what happened to her. He later shows her the difference between being raped & what she could feel.

Reluctant is about Kamdyn. She was the youngest she didn’t get the chance to experience life. She in fact becomes the hand maiden to the banshee queen an  for the most part is perfectly happy. Until she goes to a meeting between the clans who are asking the queen to kill a berserker. She is attracted to their size & physical characteristics. The queen decides to send Kamdyn, who has never killed anyone or screamed, to kill Soren The Laird of Shadows. When she finds him she causes his berserker to come out but instead of trying to rip her to pieces he kisses her. Soren who is a big bad ass is shocked and amazed and mated for life…however long that may be. This story is my favorite probably because  it reminds me of beauty and the beast!

I loved all of these stories! I give this trilogy 5 stars. It is very well written the time lines in the book are seamless so it all flows from book to book like a new chapter.


About mandalynn30

I am a single young lady who loves to read books and discuss them with my friend. I also love to crochet and play aunt to all of my friend's kids.

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