Grim Angels vs Death Angels


Ember X by Jessica Sorenson is recommended for ages 17+ and I would have to agree due to the darkness of the book. There are instances of underage drinking, drug use, and depression.
Ok it has been awhile since I have read a book that caused me to be in awe of how it is written. It had my mind spinning! I loved it!

Ember is a 19 year old girl who can see death omens, meaning if she touches someone she can see how they are going to die and when it will happen. The only person who knows this is her best friend Raven, who is very colorful (pink hair). Ember is a person who would rather be alone so at night sometimes she goes to the cemetery to write dark poetry. While there she stumbles across a guy digging up a grave and gets chased by the police, in the process she drops her journal of poems. The next night Raven shows up to convince Ember to attend a party with her. Ember reluctantly agrees, while there she meets a guy who is beyond hot and makes her feel things she has never felt before without him even touching her! She agrees to dance with him and is so wrapped up in what she is feeling when she opens her eyes he is gone! So she looks for Raven and sees that she is on hear way out the door with a guy who is completely drunk. She races after her and somehow (I really know how but don’t want to spoil it) ends up in the lake.

Asher jumps in to save her and takes her home, where Raven has made it to. This is where things start to get a little strange and twisted. Ember wakes up the next morning and sees the guy that Raven left with standing outside her house. When she tells Raven she shrugs her shoulders and blows it off and tells convinces Ember to go shopping with her. On the way to the mall they meet the new guy moving in down the street who also happens to be the guy who was digging up the grave.

His name is Cameron the best way to describe him is the golden boy looks. After meeting both Asher and Cameron she starts to see weird things and raven feathers start appearing places and people start dying. Ember starts to learn about Death Angels, Reapers and Grim Angels and what they have in connection to what is happening in her little town and what has happened to her family and friends.

With all the details and the twist in the story I couldn’t stop reading it! I give this book 5 mind blowing stars and I hope there are more books to follow!!




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