Trapped with Stained by Ella James

Stained on Goodreads

Julia is a 17 year old orphan, she has finally gotten adopted & life is good. Her adopted parents love her & take care of her. She has friends & a normal teenage life, until one night she comes home from sneaking out to find her house on fire & her parents dead. Above the burning house is a bird like creature with burning eyes. She takes to the streets not wanting to go back into the system since she will be 18 soon. While hiding in a warehouse she hears someone on the roof then before she knows it there is a man on the floor in front of her. She goes to him and she sees knots in his aura so she works on fixing them. Then she sees the creature from her house, the man gets up & statutes fighting him. The creature hurt finally takes off after telling her she should be dead. She follows the around & finally gets him to talk to her & tell her his name is Cayne. Cayne finally decides he will use her as bait to kill the half demon Samyaza who is trying to kill them both. After traveling together for a while Cayne starts to open up & tell her what he remembers. The places that they go to find Samyaza are mostly filled with people he has killed that have star burst birth marks on them that match hers. So now they want to know more about her & the people with the birth marks.  The twists and turns keeps you reading but beware the book ends with a to be continued…

I give this 4.5 stars. I loved it and will read the next one!



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