Witches, Shifters & Vampires…..oh my!


Evangeline is the wickedest witch and she has the reputation to prove it. The stories about her are true and she is proud of it!
Ryker is a shifter he is in Eva’s words a big kitty. When Ryker feels the need he changes into a big black panther. The two meet in a bar where Eva realizes that her magic doesn’t work on the drunk who is hitting on her and ruining her night. So she knocks him on his backside with the plans to never see him again no matter how much her body wants to.

Eva runs a company that does a little of everything magical for a high price. So when she gets a call to go to a high paying clients house of course she goes and who does she run into, none other than Ryker and the sparks start to fly! Rumpelstiltskin hires them to guard his daughter at Eva’s sister’s wedding because a seer told him someone was going to try and kidnap her.

In the process of investigating they can’t deny their attraction to each other, especially Ryker’s beast. It wants to claim Eva as his mate.

This is a great book! I lived the twist and turns, the family introductions & the reactions to their relationship! I give this book a 5 star rating.



Bookish Thoughts
Crys and Manda

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