More Love, Laughs, and Chocolate

Love & Lists (Chocoholics #1) 
by Tara Sivec
Release Date: October 1, 2013
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Book Blurb:
Love and Lists is the first book in the Chocolate Lovers spinoff – Chocoholics: The foul-mouthed offspring tell their stories.

Twenty-five-year-old Gavin Ellis has always had the love and support of his family ever since he was a little boy and couldn’t stop talking about his penis. He’s also always had their unsolicited advice and uncanny knack of embarrassing him at all costs. Now that he’s an adult and trying to convince the love of his life to love him back, things haven’t changed very much from when he was younger.

When Gavin’s best friend Tyler suggests he make a to-do list of items that will ensure he wins the girl, Gavin is one-hundred-percent on board: after a few six packs.

After puking in the shrubs, a bad experience with Viagra, a Sex-Ed course gone wrong, and a slew of other mishaps courtesy of his family and friends, Gavin is pretty sure this list will be the death of him.

Sometimes, trying to make someone love you with a list isn’t always the best idea. Especially when “Show her your penis” is the first “to-do” item…

My Thoughts

I love adult Gavin! Jump 10 years to the future & meet Gavin, not much has changed. He knows he’s good looking but that doesn’t make him conceited hut confident…well about his looks anyway. Gavin has the issue that he can’t get the girl if his dreams to see him as more than a friend. His friend Tyler whom is almost classified as a mini Drew comes up with a plan that in almost every way involves Gavin’s penis. Throw in all the parents & of course Drew & Jenny in the mix and you get a combination of antics that will have you laughing out loud!

I give this book 5 stars!

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