Double Whammy of Laughs and Love

AMAZING!!! I couldn’t put them down!
Ok this review is going to be a little different because it is about 2 books and yes I read both of them and loved them! Sleeping Beauty and Sleepy Beauty Wakes Up are basically the same book but with alternate endings! I loved reading them! So now on to the review.

Claire is a woman who has issues about waking up in strange places like on sidewalks and just random places. She goes to several doctors to find out what is going on and all of them tell her she has narcolepsy which one of her doctors doesn’t agree with so she is on her way to see a children’s doctor. On her way she has one of her episodes and wakes up to a guy telling her that she should be wearing a helmet. Now Claire is a petite woman who could pass for a minor so she is use to the way people treat her like a child and it aggravates her.  So when she gets to the doctor’s office she makes the nurse mad because she tells her that she isn’t a minor. Then kicks the doctor’s partner out because he hadn’t read her charts. So when her actual doctor comes in laughing about her spunk and starts asking questions about her symptoms and what is going on. The doctor decides that Brendan (her partner) will be doing a sleep study on Claire the next night. So Claire calls her brother’s boyfriend Devin to come pick her up and take her home. Devin is a surfer who has a degree in computer science and takes care of Claire while her brother is out with his band. So Devin knows what happens before one of her episodes and knows that Claire doesn’t remember anything except what she is told. So when he finds out about the sleep study and he knows that one of her episodes that takes her out of commission for weeks is about to happen he asks if she told the doctors all of the symptoms. Which includes sexually attacking any guy that is around to the point of violence.  Claire is very modest of this and just ignores it. So she goes to the sleep study and then blacks out. 

Here is where the books start to separate and you get 2 different stories about how her life plays out and I have to say that my favorite book is Sleepy Beauty Wakes up. To give you an overview of both books Claire attacks Brendan at the sleep study but she also is very attracted to Devin and has went after him too. Devin who is really bisexual has some issues with his feelings. So it all depends on who you want to see Claire end up with. The books has very comical twists and turns and the dialog will have you laughing. I couldn’t put them down and I read Sleeping Beauty first and just kept hoping for the other guy. So I read the other book and fell in love with that one too!
I rate these books a 4.5 stars for keeping me interested and making me want to read the other book just to see how it was different.


Bookish Thoughts
Crys and Manda


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