Plans Go Awry


Hehe it looks like...

Hello, I know you are all probably wondering what happened to Crys & Manda this summer. Well in the midst of all the summer activities that I (Manda) has going on I managed to read several books that I promise you I am going to write reviews about! My summer started with Relay For Life which is one event I hold very close to my heart since my mom passed away with cancer. Then was baseball season I love going to games besides reading they are they highlight of my evening! Then came vacation, the first 2 days were spent all by myself in blessed quiet reading & relaxing! Then I went to the middle of NOWHERE Kansas yo visit my BFF Crys & her 5 monkeys. While there I read a couple of really good books while Crys was still trying to recover from the fair.

So now you know how my summer went, Crys’ was as crazy as mine plus throw in some life changing wrenches to the mix and you will get her life right now.


Beacon in the Storm

So I’m begging you to be patient with us because as soon as I get things together I’ll have some reviews for you.

Yours truly,


Bookish Thoughts
Crys and Manda


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