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It took us a while to get into this book but once we did it was an amazing story.


Our Sabrina

Sabrina is a talented assistant curator in an art gallery in Miami. She receives her invitation to the big 10 year class reunion for high school. She is still dealing with a nasty break-up during her senior year of high school(gag). We will admit that it doesn’t help hearing all the time that her ex and her ex best friend seem to be living happily ever after, even though they cheated on Sabrina. Into this picture comes Tyler, who was there for her when she needed a friend during high school.


Our Tyler

Tyler was the bad boy, always in trouble, yet sexy as hell. They both return for the reunion to expressly find each other. The chemistry between them is sizzles. This time they are both in the position to cook up something yummy together. As they take their first baby steps into a relationship some mistakes are made that seem to ruin them. Can they learn to trust their hearts and each other? Will what they have end in heartbreak? That’s for you to find out!


Now, for our readers, you know that Crys has an intense dislike for overly serious high school relationships in books for adults. So the beginning really turned her off. Sabrina’s constant whining about a relationship in high school drove her nuts, most people out grow that phase. I(Crys) can barley remember what prom dress I wore for which year’s prom until I look at pictures. Why on earth would a relationship when you were 17 or 18 matter that much when you are nearing 30 talk about a disconnect. Tyler saved the book, his manliness and absolute sexiness saved the book. Then he goes and breaks my heart why sexy man why? So we give this book 4 sexy stars, for all the ups and downs and somehow bringing us into this story. It really is excellently written I just wish Sabrina wasn’t so weak so I could love this book.

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About the Author:
Barbie Bohrman was born and raised in Miami, FL. She moved to the New Jersey after getting her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts at Miami-Dade Community College. She currently resides in the Garden State with her two children. Her hobbies include movies, great TV shows, reading, reading, and even more reading.
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