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We loved Tangled by Emma Chase. The characters are realistic and you really feel like you are beside them whatever they are going through. It is a light-hearted fun read that will having you giggling at the audacity of the main character. The story is told from the POV of Drew.

He is a hot-shot investment banker that treats women like living blow up dolls. We wanted nothing more than to strangle him, at least at first! Literally, the only thing that kept us reading was the humor and understanding that guys really do think like that. (I hope I didn’t shock you but it’s true, or at least according to my hubby it is.) I often wondered if Emma was really an Emmett. Then this chauvinistic prick that made me(Crys) want to put shock collars on my boys; (you know buzz them every time they have a disrespectful thought about a woman.) He met a girl she challenged and turned him into the book boyfriend that kept me swooning. We loved the Drew that was in love. He still had his moments but insecurities do that to a person. Besides it made us love him more.


Now who was the lucky girl, her name is Kate. Now Kate is engaged, poor Drew. She has just graduated college and has her MBA guess where she works? That’s right, with Drew at his family’s investment firm. They compete for the best projects and instead of winning the accounts as individuals they get to split them 50/50, yup, partners. This causes them to fight like cats and dogs but every time they really got into it… they ended up in each other’s arms.
In this scenario Drew learns to respect Kate’s intelligence and admire her business acumen. For the first time he sees a woman as more than tits and ass. He ends up fighting to win her and you really hope he wins!


This was a 5 throbbing hearts read! The sex wasn’t watered down copycat scenes from other books. The exclusively male point of view is something that we’ve never read as the whole book. It was very well done and surprisingly entertaining. Kudos Emma, it was an excellent debut!


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2 thoughts on “Tangled Blog Tour and Giveaway

  1. Tess H says:

    Thanks for sharing your review! 🙂 I’ve been hearing amazing things about Tangled and I can’t wait to read it!!! Thanks so much for the giveaway and congrats to Emma on the release! ❤

    Tess xx


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