Keeping Secrets


Between Friends by Amanda Cowen is a great story including a very annoying bride that almost ruined the book!
This story is about Megan and Ben they are suppose to be the primary couple in this story.
The only problem is Jessica who is Megan’s best friend and the bride strives to be the center of the story and almost takes away from Ben and Megan. Ok let me tell you about the book

Megan and Ben met in grade school when Jessica threw a party and invited Michael and his friend Ben since then Michael and Jessica have been a couple and Megan and Ben have been really good friends. The night before they are to fly out to Cost Rica to attend the wedding.


Ben invites Megan out to have dinner with him because he was stood up. While there they start drinking and flip a coin to determine if they are going to sleep together…. Not sure who was betting on what or exactly who called it but Megan wakes up with Ben in her bed and goes into full stress and panic mode because she just knows this is going to ruin everything. Ok my take on Megan, she is insecure and has ALWAYS lived in the shadow of Jessica so she can’t see this as being good. Ben knowing Megan can somewhat guess what is going on in her mind…. but I don’t think always gets it.


So they fly to Costa Rica and here is where Jessica is a bridezilla, if there is something to complain about, stress about or just cause drama this is her! The entire time she is so wrapped up in herself that she can’t see Megan is in a frazzled mess. Ben gets Megan alone and convinces her that they can continue the great sex and be friends with benefits because he doesn’t think she wants a relationship and she doesn’t think he can handle commitment. As we all know this friends with benefits rarely works out under normal circumstances but mix in the fact that they have decided to keep it a secret from ALL of their friends and you have a mixture of trouble. I give this book a rating of 4 beating hearts because Bridezilla drove me NUTS!! I wanted to smack her the entire story!!



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