Commitment vs Stupidity

First and foremost I apologize Ms. Azevedo to for not getting my post up sooner. I was asked read and give an honest review of Without Bounderies by CJ Azevedo. Add it on Goodreads… do it you won’t regret it! I fit this reviews into my schedule and read it rather quickly. It was such a thought provoking book for me. I found it hard to process my thoughts into words. This was a book hangover from hell. The book has closure, I have never done this with a book that doesn’t have a cliffhanger! I repeat No Cliffhanger!


My Bailey

Bailey is a pretty and successful P.R. rep. Her story starts when her live in boyfriend Hollister is out of town.


My Hollister

Right away you get a strange vibe from their relationship. She doesn’t really miss him and for the first time in months she is going out with a friend. While with Kali she meets Talon.


My Talon

Hottie alert! Kali’s big brother is a masterpiece and Bailey feels an instant attraction to him. But she’s taken and even innocent flirting is inappropriate. Talon wants her and is very disappointed to find she is attached. Kali invites Bailey to visit their beach house with her and Talon. Here begins the trouble. Hollister hears that Bailey isn’t moping around thier apartment waiting for him to get home. He flies home and beats the shit out of her…at this point my thought process went here.
She calls Talon needing to escape and heal. By the beach she has a fairly relaxing and fun weekend. Everyone there is about to get a lynch mob together seeing her bruised and battered. They hold off knowing this has to be done on her own.(I don’t agree abuse is serious and sometimes intervention is needed) Bailey goes back and gives the bastard another shot. Talon falls apart knowing that the love of his life was taking a risk with her life out of a misguided commitment. Does Bailey ever get free of the cycle of abuse? Do her and Talon end up happy? Check it out and see
I give this book 5 beating hearts and highly recommend this book. I really found myself in Bailey. I believe in commitment and she made me wonder if I could have found myself in her shoes. Look for this book to be out in June (hopefully) it is excellent.


*Copy provided for honest review


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