Matched Take 2


Over the weekend I read Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I really enjoyed it, in fact I could barely put it down. Here’s the thing though it is almost exactly like Matched by Ally Condie.


Lena lives in a United States that is overcome with science.


The government has made love into a disease. At 18 you get an operation that somehow removes the pleasure receptors in your brain. Lena is a typical brainwashed resident in this controlled world. She can not wait to get the cure. Then as the story unfolds she begins to realize they steal something from you to make your mind docile. She starts to understand when she meets Alex.


There is something off with him he has the scar that proves he is cured but his eyes are too bright and he shows too much emotion. He hides a secret Lena can tell, but what is it? He brings a light to her gray world and she is terrified. Will she accept his love or return it? If they buck the system will either survive their disobedience?
Overall, this book gets 3 stars. It was a five star read, the pace was excellent. I was intrigued from beginning to end and I really related to the characters. So why 3 stars it was Matched slightly different characters, places, details, etc. but the main theme was the same. I will say with innuendos and conversations about sex and intense romance I recommend this book for 14 and up.



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