Magic In The Mix


To start I was looking for a cute simple book that would be an easy read and this was it! It is cute and sweet.


Our Elly

Elly is called home for a “family emergency” by her Grandma, Imelda. The emergency is that Grandma wants to retire effective 2 days ago and she wants Elly to take over the café. What Grandma had never mentioned what that she mixes magic into all her recipes. She expects Elly will get the hang of it wishes her luck then she takes off for Florida. Elly’s best friend Mary Jane is the waitress in the café and knows about the magic but not many other people do. Mary Jane is pushing Elly to use the magic so things stay in balance and when she does things start to go wrong.


Our Rory

A customer named Oscar whose girlfriend left him for his now ex-best friend needs help in the love department. So Elly whips up a cheeseburger for him at the same time there is a very attractive customer named Rory who also orders the cheeseburger special. When Mary Jane delivers the plate that is intended for Ocar to Rory things start to feel wrong.


Our Tom

The next day Tom Owenton Lead Investigator for the National Organization of Magic shows up.

He is there because of the mess up. He informs Elly that the mistake has to be fixed immediately or the café will be closed for good. The bad thing is a reversal spell isn’t a simple spell that is going fix everything.


No no bad witch

She has to convince the ex-girlfriend she isn’t in love with Rory all the while trying to figure out if she is in love with Rory. I believe there is suppose to be a love triangle between Tom, Rory and Elly but it is very weak. Elly is definitely attracted to Rory but towards the end of the book there are hints of attraction to Tom. I rate this book a 3.75 hearts for the cute laid back storyline.

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