Love Lost and Then Found


Amber is back in her home town after being gone for fourteen years. Her boss, Sheryn a big Nashville country singer who wants to build an amusement park in Heartbreak.



What Amber doesn’t tell Sheryn is that she left Heartbreak because of something in her past. Her first night back in town she runs in to Mac her old boyfriend, he hasn’t heard or seen her in in 14 years.


Yes, Keith Urban is our Mac

After the night she begged him to leave with her and never come back. He couldn’t believe what she told him and he didn’t think she would leave. So there is conflict between them about what happened, Mac wants to know and Amber refuses to talk about it. Sheryn is enjoying the small town food and shops, she isn’t interested in the business side of things that is what Amber and her husband Gray is for, so she spends her time visiting the shops and people. Sheryn and Gray are Amber’s best friends whom she considers family since her mother passed away. When the details for the amusement park are getting put together they realize that Mac, is the Mayor, and Chair of the Preservation Society. Amber is still attracted to Mac and has never stopped loving him, Mac still has the same feelings for Amber. She take some papers over to his house to be reviewed before the meeting and sparks start flying. Eventually Mac corners Amber and confesses that he still loves her. She realizes that not everything is as bad as she remembers it. So she goes with Mac to the one place that they can’t run away from each other, on a boat in the middle of the lake to tell him the truth about what happened the night she begged him to leave.

Mac learned some very unsettling things about his father and she learned that love can surpass all things. I rate this book 4 hearts for the emotions and intrigue.


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