Even Rockstars Have A Beginning


When I started this book I was shocked! *I Remember You by Scarlett Metal was a complete surprise. Her style is usually a hard hitting onslaught to the erotic senses. This started out slow and I(Crys) almost stopped reading it. I(Crys) HATE over the top young love.
Lance a typical young man wanting sex with his steady. Samantha his off and on girlfriend/soul mate(Crys scoffs) is in love. He breaks her heart and she walks out of his life forever, well for 10 years or so. Here comes the the rest of the book. It gets better we promise!


Daniel Adair drummer Nickelback

Lance is now the lead singer of Forbidden Gods, we are talking superstar. He’s hotter than ever and is still in love with Sam.

Sam is now a writer and pretty successful. Fresh out of a relationship she runs into Lance in their hometown. She decides to attend his nearby concert. He is so excited to see her! With neither them ever letting go of the old feelings, they immediately set his hotel room on fire, well as soon as the concert is over.
Then some surprising things happen and all you can do is cheer! The epilogue totally did us in we were flicking a few happy tears.

The whole book this song was going through Crys’ head so she thought she’d share it with everyone.

We really loved this book but the beginning was sooo slow. We give this 4.25 wrinkled sheets. Its worth a read.

*ARC provided for an honest review

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