A Panties Ripping Good Time


Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

“Beautiful Bastard” is a smoking hot, totally on fire read! You know it’s going to be a hot one when he’s already torn her panties off by page 12.  Yes, the ripped panties is kind of a repeating theme in the book…it happens, often.

Chloe Mills is a smart, sexy, and driven student working on her MBA. She is well liked by everyone, is attractive, but most of all wants to be successful.

Her boss, Bennett Ryan is such an over-achiever he often neglects the niceties and has a terrible reputation as a boss. He is very good looking but such an asshole he gets the nickname “the beautiful bastard. ”

The start of this book was a lot like a cheap porno. A small intro of the characters and then, mixed with some insults, she’s coming in the conference room.

A few pages about their animosity toward each other and a few barbs between the two then he’s pushed her against the wall in the stairwell. The sex is hot but we want a storyline! It is brought in about here. Mr. Ryan has always been all about work and is very successful for being so young.  Miss Mills is a hard worker with an intuitive business sense.  It is easy to see these two are two peas in a pod. Early in the book you, the reader, want them to stop fighting and love each other or at least like each other.

They are perfect for each other. The bad thing is only their bodies and sex drives realize what you ,the reader, easily see. After a bit of jealousy on both parts and a few sleepless nights they think this is not right and avoid each other. Then, Chloe’s dad gets sick and Bennett’s shell cracks, holy cow he has a heart! She heads home to visit him. Here the cliche” distance makes the heart grow fonder” comes into play. They each begin to discover it’s more than chemistry. Chloe and Bennett end up at a conference away from the hurdles of “real” life. They spend their business trip in sexual nirvana.

The rose colored glasses effect of being away from their normal routines causes them to believe their life won’t intrude once back home. But it does and it leaves them both heartbroken. Was it love or lust? Can they figure out how to be together with the complications of their situation?

Overall, this book receives a surprisingly high score of 4 wrinkled sheets. I really didn’t like the relationship they had in the beginning, loathing each other and then fucking all the time. I’m not one for a true love/hate relationship I guess but it did cause the flames of passion to flicker wildly!

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