Help Wanted: Fake Girlfriend Needed


Andrew Callahan (Drew) is a rich boy who needs
someone to take to home for Thanksgiving to get his
dad off his back and to help with the family stuff.

Fable is a barmaide who has a reputation for being
easy when in fact she is just a girl who is working to
take care of her little brother.

Drew waits for Fable
to get off work one night and offers her $3000.00 to be his One Week Girlfriend, they are to be in
love, but no sex is to be involved. Fable knows that
the money would help her so she agrees. They drive
down to Carmel to his parents house, when they get
there they are met by his dad and stepmom.
Immediately you can tell something is wrong with
this picture. Adele, Drew’s stepmom, is all about how
delicious he looks and is acting jealous of Fable. As
they go to the guest house which Adele immediately
objects to saying it was inapproperiate for them to
stay there alone even though they are 21. As a way
for Fable to know when Drew needs help they came
up with the code word “marshmallow” so if either of
them needed help all they had to do was text or say

The first time this is used is when
Drew is having a private lunch with his father about
his future. As soon as he sends it Fable shows up
with an excuse. As the week plays out you start to
see the tension and the jealousy from Adele and the
conflicting emotions that take place in Drew and
Fable. I rate this book as a 4.5 hearts because the
storyline is heartbreaking and captivating all at the
same time!


2 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Fake Girlfriend Needed

  1. AngieG says:

    This was such a great book!! I love your pics of Drew and Fable too. I don’t usually enjoy YA novels, but this one was great.

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