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image Whew if this book was any hotter we would be on
fire!!! The story is good but the sex is amazing!! Ms. Cole has done it again. Now we are not a lunchtime quickie book readers. We usually avoid novellas unless they tie into a series example Stephanie Meyer’s “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”. It takes an amazing amount of effort to put a story together that a storyline and character development happens in such a short amount of time. Kudos to Braxton Cole for doing exactly that.

Roni is an undercover cop. Her assignment is to be the girlfriend of
Crimson, a drug dealer, who is cooking and selling
meth to provide money to a terrorist group. She needs to get close to him so she can find the evidence the authorities need to put him away. He also participates in illegal street races. At one of these races Roni
runs into Mateo(oh sexy hotness)who is a criminal himself.


He and his brother sell illegal weapons but they aren’t the
main focus for this operation. When Mateo sees
Roni who just happens to be an old flame, that had
to be extinguished because of their professions,
things light up again. Mateo hates seeing her with
Crimson because he knows that if she is found out
she will be killed. He takes her to his brother’s trailer
and makes it impossible to go back in the most
pleasurable way. He then leaves to get the
information she needs and her stuff. He finds the
cook site and takes her to a hotel to wait for dark
and OMG the flames go higher(squeeze those thighs ladies)!!

This book has a
great ending and we want you to read the story for
yourself but you should know that it causes hot
flashes!!! We rate this 4.75 wrinkled sheets for the sex
and suspense.

Manda and Crys
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