Not Your Average High School Romance


High school teachers like you’ve never thought of
them before! “Against the Wall” by Julie Prestsater is good read and today its free!

Shelly is heartbroken
because her fiancé of 2 years Chase has called off
their engagement. Shelly and Chase had been
together for 8 years before that and he decided he
wanted to be with Summer another teacher. Melissa
(Mel) is Shelly’s bestfriend and wants her to be
happy so she does the typical bestfriend thing and
talk trash on the new couple during lunch. In walks
Matty another teacher who takes hotness to a whole
new level and who has a thing for Shelly. The only
issue there is that Shelly has handed Matty the
friend card and isn’t sure she wants to take it
back. Chase is the sleezy guy who can’t make up his
mind, he still wants to be “friends” with Shelly and
sleep with Summer. One day after school he stops
by Shelly’s classroom to make that kind of
suggestion and Matty happens to walk in and tells
him to leave. Shelly has started to notice Matty but
doesn’t want to ruin their friendship so she
makes Mel go out with her to look for a rebound
guy. Shelly’s criteria for a new boyfriend is 1. They
can’t drink see through weak beer, 2. They can’t
work with her and 3. They have to be mature
enough. Those sound like pretty simple things to
find right? Well apparently the bars they go to only
have weak beer drinking men until they get to the
last bar. Shelly by this time has given up looking at
the guys and starts looking at the beer glasses and
she sees a Black and Tan which to her says a strong
man and as she looks up she looks right into Matty’s


Thank You for finding this pic

He comes up and starts talking to them and
ends up taking Shelly home. Now this is were things
are romantic because Matty knows how Shelly feels
and he wants all of her. He agrees to sleep with her
in pajama’s no sex until she is completely over
Chase and in love with Matty. He encourages her to
go on a couple of dates with guys. All of which he
knows will fail! When New Year’s Eve comes along
he is secure in his feelings and Shelly thinks she is
but is still a little uncertain when an event at the
party takes place that leaves everyone but her
wondering. The ending of this story is sweet and
very special and I give it a rating of 4 hearts for the
old fashion sweetness and adult high school



2 thoughts on “Not Your Average High School Romance

  1. This was a cute read. It’s a nice change from the teenagers getting all the action. lol
    K the Suburban Eclectic

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