Shock and Awe


The title of this post really describes how I feel about “The Summoner’s Tale” by Victoria Danann. I love this series and if you are reading this and haven’t read book one and book two Stop Now!

Have you stopped yet?

Okay where to start? Elora and Ram, she is very pregnant and he is overseeing the renovations in their new home. Elora, being independent has taken to wandering the woods around their cottage. While exploring she finds a pack of wolves and slowly builds trust so she can have a pup or a wounded female to breed with Blackie. While alone with the wolves she is attacked, wounded, and goes into labor. She and the baby turn out fine but how?

Storm and Litha get called in as does Kay when Ram finds Elora missing one evening.
The main story of this book is Baka’s he has such a burden to help the people affected by the vampire virus. He makes some very bad decisions and ends up in a terrible situation. As he is trapped you find out his whole story. During all this Heaven who has been a b*#%! deluxe realizes her issues surrounding Baka. She finds out much of his history through the Orders dossiers on Baka and much of her own history. She is scared, and feels so guilty for being so terrible that she breaks protocols to find Baka.

The story tied me up and didn’t release me until the end. It was an enjoyable ride a five heart read!

This book in one word – Captivating!! It
starts with Baka and Heaven working together and
their “at odds” relationship. He thinks she hates him
and she likes making him think that. Baka feeling
sorry for himself decides to go vampire hunting to
vaccinate as many vampire as he can find. He goes
to the tunnels with a light and some canisters and
gets caught by a couple of vampire, they chain him
up and leave him. The book then takes you to Elora,
her and Ram have found the perfect place to build
their new house and while that is being done they
are staying at the cottage by the New Forest. Ram
leaves her during the day to oversee the construction
and she goes walking in the forest and finds a pack
of wolves. She slowly starts to introduce herself to
them and giving them names. Heaven in the mean
time is really worried about Baka because he hasn’t
come in to work and he hasn’t called anyone. After
getting his apartment opened they find nothing is
missing so she is told she has to wait 24 hours to
make sure he hasn’t just went out. Heaven takes this
time to go down to the Chronicles to read about
Baka and his history. There we learn all about his
life before and after he was infected. Heaven feeling
like she has to do something goes to Alesong and
asks her to do a reading knowing that they could
both get fired. Song does the reading then feels like
she needs to know more so she calls an American
girl named Rue to come in and help. Rue’s special
gift is seeing past lives. She puts Heaven in a trance
and finds out that Heaven has a special gift of her
own. She can summon things with her flute like the
Pied Piper. During this time Elora’s intuition tells
her take Ram’s bow and arrows with her on her walk
to the wolves den. Her and Blackie start off and she
feels like she can almost see something but n ot
sure what it is so she keeps walking. When she gets
to the point where her wolf escort begins, she sees
Point Wolf in a hunting position and Blackie is
turned around and alerted to danger. She takes off
running and gets behind a tree just before she hears
the gun fire. There are 3 assassins after her, from a
different dimension. In the process of protecting
herself and her baby she gets 2 bullet wounds. After
she gets the 3 assassin taken care of nature decides
to step in and make things more difficult. It starts
snowing and her baby decides it is time to come
now so she crawls to the wolves den with Blackie
who has also been injured to wait to see what is
going to happen. Baka during this time is sitting in
the dark tunnel now sure what time it is reliving
memories and thinking about how things use to be
when an old friend returns to him and is disgusted
that he is planning on curing them of the vampire
disease so much that he plans to turn Baka back to
what he was. Heaven and Song decide the best way
to save Baka is to use her gift to summon the
vampire and have them all shot by vampire hunters
with the vaccination so they go to Simon the head of
The Order in Edinburg to get this started. Ram
arrives at home to find Elora missing and starts
looking for her and then calls in backup to help.
Once they all get together, they find her and her
baby and take them back to Edinburg to get medical
treatment. The B Team minus Elora is called to help
get Baka and vaccinate the vampire that come out of
the tunnels. Believe me I know I wrote A LOT about
this book but I left a bunch of details that you won’t
want to miss in this book!!! I loved it and I can’t
wait the next book!!! I give this book 5 beating
hearts because as you read your heart with beat with
excitement and with worry and anticipation!

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