Homerun “Cracked” by Tara Logan

image Going Going Gone!!!
Allarie or Al is a chiropractor whose life is in her
sisters words dull to nonexistent until the day her
sister has a fender bender with Dailey “Wiggle It”
Wood a minor league baseball player.

As Dailey gets out of his car his back starts to hurt which is not
a good thing for his life goal of going to the major
league. Al’s sister Simone not wanting to ruin her
favorite player’s chances talks her sister into taking
him on as a secret client. When he shows up to the
office, he isn’t told that procedure is to strip to your
underclothes and tie the sheet so his backside isn’t
showing. Al thinking it is a joke smacks his backside
and realizes he really is in pain.
She adjusts his back
and then realizes that she has to be chauffer since
her sister took his car to be fixed. As they are getting
ready to leave he gets called to a social function in
which he needs a ride and a date. After having to
much to drink Dailey ends up staying at Al’s
apartment on the couch. As things progress to make
sure his back stays in alignment Dailey invites them
all to one of his games. Al doesn’t know baseball
from any other sport and is eventually labeled as his
girlfriend which works well into the role he needs
her to play since no one can know about the wreck.
One little slip of the tongue and Dailey’s best friend
knows the truth now the question comes up for Al is
does she believe what everyone is saying about his
feeling for her even though they are fighting? To
help with sponsorships and to stay in the
communities good graces the guys on the team are
required to attend some fundraising events and one
of this is a date auction. As the auction takes off
Dailey is auctioned off to a little white haired lady
who informs him about Al and a relationship in her
past that has hurt her. The question I will leave you
with is does Dailey and Allarie have a chance at a
homerun?? I recommend reading this to find out!! I
give this book a 4.5 beating hearts for the fun banter and sweet storyline.~ ~Manda~


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