Fifty Shades Darker


Never go by what you hear is my advice for today. I have heard from FSoG fans that book two was awful, they didn’t finish it yadda yadda. Screw that! This one had a story and some emotion. Mr Grey has decided that he can live without his fetish but he can’t live without Ana. He opens to her and allows an actual relationship to develop. Yes, there are battles to fight and much of the book focuses on those battles. He is learning to be human, to love and trust, with difficulties making the changes. Ana’s character bugs me more in this book. In the first book I understood the wishy-washy-ness of a college age girl just stepping into the adult world. In this book she doesn’t seem to grow up at all. Yet, she is ok with making adult choices. Would I morn the loss of my husband? Yes, whether through a relationship failure or death. Would I stop eating, stop living, no. I hate when they portray a break up like that in a book! It much like the break up of Edward and Bella in the Twilight series, and much like the loss of any connection I had with Bella, I lost connection with Ana.

Boo fricken hoo…Get Over It
Meeting the shrink was an excellent sideline story in the book. Dr. Flynn has moved into my favorites list, with likes of Christian’s adopted parents, his sister Mia, and Jason Taylor, Christian’s right hand man. Will Christian and Ana sail these uncharted waters and their relationship survive? We’ll see! I give this book 4 1/4 twinkling stars. The story drew me in. I learned to like Christian, which I didn’t think would happen. The attempt to bring the reader into the emotion experienced failed miserably but was made up for in the storyline that was finally introduced. Overall not going to be a favorite but I don’t feel like I wasted my brain cells.


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