Spellbound” The Witch’s Dream” by Victoria Danann


“The Witch’s Dream”(The Order of the Black Swan #2) by Victoria Danann is spellbinding and mesmerizing! It starts of with Ram & Elora’s handfasting, Ram and Elora are surrounded by friends and family. During the flurry of activities surrounding a prince’s wedding you are introduced to Ram’s family but most important his sister Aelsong (Song.)


You also meet Kay’s fiancé and his sisters. You also quickly realize that Storm is still not happy with Elora’s choice. Soon after the wedding they all fly to Edinburgh, Scotia the Order is calling. Kay’s family and Katrina are along for the ride heading home via a shopping trip in London. Song, gifted with seeing the future, has also been recruited to work for the order, much to Ram’s displeasure. Baka who is now human is there to start his vampire rehabilitation project. The Order has brought in some trackers from different departments to help with the newest project, a werewolf menace. Litha Brandywine, a witch and tracker for the Order is standing on the balcony when Storm and the rest of Bad Company walks into headquarters. Litha spies Storm and can’t help the instant attraction.


Storm doesn’t want a relationship and Litha knows she is going to have one. As they start working together Storm begins nightwalking, metaphysical dreams, to Litha or calling her to his room. Dreams so real and so hot you hope they come true. The big problem is Storm accuses her of using magick on him and can’t get over Elora. He gets put in his place and that sets the atmosphere for their interactions. Just as the team starts working on their newest assignment, a werewolf issue, Kay’s fiancé, Katrina, is kidnapped from the lobby of her hotel,by an incubus demon with a vendetta. Kay goes berserk and loses control, as is his nature, when emotions get high. They sedate him and send Litha and Storm to find Katrina. Litha tracks her to another dimension and Storm is along for the ride. As Litha finds the gateway Storm finds himself lost without her. He begins to realize how much he messed up by pushing her away.


Litha finds Katrina in a secret hideaway of Deliverance. Litha trades herself for the release of Katrina. She know she’ll be safe and sends a message to Storm. Katrina, unharmed, is delivered back where she was taken. With the reminder how precious life is Kay and Katrina push their own wedding date up. With this development, Elora’s pregnancy and Storm’s new feelings for Litha, everyone’s life starts shifting. Where will the stories go? I hope I am right but we’ll see in “The Summoners Tale”(The Order of the Black Swan #3.)


We love these characters and love their world! We really hope these books continue to bring us more happy endings! For making us feel like close friends with Elora, Ram, Kay, Storm, and the rest of the cast. Also for capturing us in a fairy ring (sorry Ram) of this author’s making we give Ms. Danann 5 huge stars and include this message” WE WANT MORE!”


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