Mix and Match, “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James


For those that follow my blog you know I started “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James a few weeks ago. I did not take this long to read it, I promise! I wanted to come to this review with a full and intelligent feel for the book. I have decided I’m going to attack this book from several directions.
From the north, so to speak, this book is a great sex book! The lust is high and hot sex scenes are plenty. The kinkiness level is through the roof! It certainly gets well * insert sizzle here*!

So for good book porn I give this 5 vibrating dildos.

From the other end, for readers that need more to a story, it’s bad. The story line reminds me of those bad pornos on Cinemax or as we called it Skinimax. She walks up the stairs ooooh they fuck, (sorry for the language) they eat oh and they fuck again, (can’t help it) she disobeyed him, he spanks her, and wow they fuck again (no other term for it.) I know sounds fun but there is NO STORY! There is an attempt at a plot, the sex is down and dirty but there is nothing else. So two thumbs up for dumbing down everyone that read this.


(That is not a complete slur we all need a brain break every once in a while.)
On to my third approach, there are tons of negative reviews out there because of the abusive aspects of the relationship. I do not agree with that. Despite his past, Christian Grey, is a card holding member of the BDSM fetish club. Does he go about getting Ana interested in the lifestyle in the wrong way? My opinion, yes. I truly believe, regardless of my own tastes, that consenting adults can get their rocks off however they see fit. She did agree to try his “rules” and she even did her research. She should have not pushed for the whole meal deal, and expected anything different than what she got. He, on the other hand should have been a little slower with the “training.” He might have opened her eyes with better results. He really has issues and that does explain a little! . The author kind of painted the lifestyle portrayed into a bad picture. As far as I know people that choose this lifestyle can have sex without the roughness as well. Just like a couple might not always have sex in one position or always use toys. So all that being said, overall I gave this book 3 3/4 twinkling stars. Fans don’t hate me and if you enjoyed it I don’t think you’re dumb. I personally just need a storyline and solid characterization with the sex. For those that want a healthier view of BDSM “Naughty Girl” by Scarlett Metal is a good choice. I love my readers and don’t crucify me for not loving FS oG. Also a big thanks to my sister who has read this as well. She helped me sort out my twisted thoughts.


One thought on “Mix and Match, “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James

  1. crystal venneman says:

    Hey i agree the first book isn’t. So good but u should read the second one it has more of a story to it

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