Rainy Daze, Matchplay by Dakota Madison


Rainy Dey is a girl who is getting ready to start
college after having spent her high school years
taking care of mom who died of cancer. Rainy’s
dad takes her to the college and drops her off in
front of the dorm with all her stuff and goes to
park the car. While he is gone Evan and
Aaron walk up to offer to help her carry her stuff
to her dorm, in comes Olivia, Rainy’s roommate,
and her brother, Lucus, who push Aaron and Evan
away. Even though Rainy is attracted to Aaron
she goes along with it. After she gets settled into
her room, her dad leaves, and they go to get
supper. Rainy decides to go with a direct
approach and find out why Aaron is off limits. She
learns that the senior guys in The Clubhouse (a
social group) have a “golf” tournament where
each week of the semester is a hole and the
number of girls you sleep gets them points, as
well as the different qualities these girls have. For
instance a virgin is worth a lot of points and Rainy is
a virgin… School starts and she feels Aaron
watching her. Then she goes to her Art History class and Aaron
happens to be in the class. During class the teacher pairs them
up to work together. As they get to know each
other they go through a yo-yo type of relationship
of breaking up and getting back together. He can’t figure out how to stand up to the peer pressure and fight for Rainy until she walks away.
I will give him credit for trying even if it takes emotional pain to get the point across. How does Rainy handle this“Matchplay.” is something you’ll just have to find out!
I give this book 3.5 twinkling stars for keeping me
guessing on what would happen.


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