I would like for you all to meet my best friend Crys. There are a lot of things about this amazing lady that I would like to share with you. Crys and I have been best friends for over a decade…. yeah that is a long time! We met in high school and became instant friends. She is a drama nut, a William Shakespeare fanatic, a wife and mother to 5 very cute monkeys. The best thing is that Crys loves to read! We both enjoyed different worlds in books but around the same time and then we fell into the romance genre together and began really talking about books. The both of us have read and discussed hundreds of books. She asked me to join this blog because of all the books I have told her about and recommend or told her wasn’t worth the time (there aren’t many of those!!). The best thing about our friendship besides our mutual love of books and the fact we can’t lose each other over the distances is that we are both chocoholics, Crys a little more than me. There is only one time I’ve seen her refuse chocolate and that is when we spent all day eating it, she turned green by the end of the night! This is my best friend and God given sister, I hope you enjoy her book reviews as much as I enjoy hearing about them!!

While sitting here contemplating what to write about Manda, I’m humming “Getting to Know You” from “The King and I.” So I guess you know a little about me too. Sitting in my desk in my first class on the first day of school, in a new school, I was a new kid and a Sophomore. In walk all these people, some were scary. I sat in the middle of the room almost on the boys side and she sits beside me. I found one of my soul mates that day. We ran in different circles and were interested in different things but we couldn’t avoid each other. For some reason our souls match. She is the sister of my heart.
Now, Manda is single, loyal, and loving friend. She puts up with my crap all the time!
We are both bookworms! We constantly call each other with pronouncements like “OMG you would love this book!” So we combined our powers and are here to tell you about the amazing books we are reading.


Copyright 2013


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