Seduced in the Dark by C.J. Roberts

“Seduced in the Dark” by C.J. Roberts is the end of Livvie’s story continued from “Captive in the Dark.” Please if you haven’t read the first book this review may contain spoilers from book one. Please click here for my review on that book.

This book takes place 3 months after the first book. Livvie is in an institution, and telling her story to FBI Agent Matthew Reed. He is trying to find out the who, what, where, why, and how’s of crimes committed including; kidnapping, assault, rape, murder, gun, drug, and slave trafficking just to name a few. A few of the people suspected include Livvie and Caleb, her kidnapper turned rescuer. Livvie loves Caleb at this point and is dying emotionally because she doesn’t know if he is still alive. All she knows is he’s not with her and it tears her apart. As she tells of the torture she went through we see a tale of horror. Yet there is a silver lining Caleb shows an amazing changing of heart as he stars to feel something for Livvie. Then Rafiq, Caleb’s partner and father figure, comes back into the immediate picture and brings those feelings into question. With the owner of Caleb’s loyalty near, does Caleb find out things that cause the relationship with Rafiq to erode? Does true love win out? Why is Livvie free, but still a prisoner to Caleb? Will she ever break free?
You will find out all these things as you finish the last installment of the Dark Duet. The end of this 5 shimmering tears story, is worth the tears, anger, emotional traumas, and angst, these books caused me. I will forever be twisted from reading these but I will never regret that I did.

Copyright 2013


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