Love Wins “Triple Threat” by Jennifer LaBrecque


I always love a good simple Harlequin romance! “Triple Threat” by Jennifer LaBrecque is one of those.

Eli Murdoch is part of the Army’s Special Forces and now has completed the paratrooper jumping school. He heads home for the weekend and a wedding. The only thing is whenever he goes home for weddings he seems to end up in bed with Tara. Tara wants to avoid Eli because every time she sleeps with Eli she gets her heart broken because he doesn’t call. Eli and Tara go to the rehearsal and find out they are paired up to walk down the aisle together. They are drawn together from past experience and sparks start to fly. They spend every waking moment of the weekend together and actually start talking between the incredibly wicked sexual encounters. So the question remains who really takes the jump?

I give this book a 4 twinkling stars for the story and the love that overcomes time and distance.  

Copyright 2013

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