Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts

I honestly cannot say I loved “Captive in the Dark” by C.J. Roberts. It is a hardcore, dark romance, if you can’t handle BDSM, kidnapping, rape, torture, or understand redemption, you will hate this book.
This book was torture for me from the beginning. I could literally feel Caleb stalking his prey, Livvie. I could sense the impending disaster as it got closer. I had nightmares after I read about her kidnapping and waking up in the dark, afraid and bruised. The manipulation of Livvie’s mind, including denying her life by naming her Kitten, and toying with her emotions, shredding her sense of self to pieces, just about killed me. That doesn’t even start with the physical abuses she has to go through. All this to make her the perfect sex slave to mete out Caleb and his partner’s revenge. The whole story I hoped, wished, and pleaded with the author (in my head) the let her live, for her to escape, something, anything good to happen. What does happen? Wouldn’t you like to know! Well I’ll leave you with this I was so twisted up at the end I didn’t wait to pick up the next book. DON’T DO WHAT I DID! You will not sleep without dreams, you will not be able to smile, or sometimes it feels even breathe, until the end.
I give this book 5 shimmering tears. The emotional toll this book takes is worth the read…if you can handle it.

Copyright 2013

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