Simmer to Sizzle “Too Darn Hot” by Pamela Burford


“Too Darn Hot” by Pamela Burford introduces us to Carolina  Holland (Lina) she a food critic for a culinary magazine. Lina is convinced by her friend and roommate, Joy, to visit this restaurant that she thinks is amazing. They show up at The Cookhouse on a night that if it could go wrong, it did. Lina isn’t happy with the service, the food, or the attitude of the owner/chef Eric Reid. After she loses her temper with Eric she finds out everything that has went wrong and feels bad. She goes to apologize and feels drawn to him… until she sees his wedding band. Joy convinces her to give The Cookhouse one more chance, so Lina takes a “friend” with her to taste the food and they find it amazing. She decides to follow her usual routine and visit several times to taste as much of the food as possible to write a review. Chef Eric doesn’t know is who Lina really is. After finding out that he is a widower, the obstacles that kept coming between them continue to fall out of the way. 
This story has a lot of drama, twists, turns, a whole lot of assumptions and misunderstandings that keeps you wanting to see where they will end up.
I give this book 4 twinkling stars for keeping the reader captive. This story, like a good recipe, offers many flavors to keep you wanting more!


2 thoughts on “Simmer to Sizzle “Too Darn Hot” by Pamela Burford

  1. Manda, thanks so much for taking the time and effort to review my book Too Darn Hot. I loved writing this book, in part because it let me get my own horrific night-fishing experience out of my head and onto the page! 🙂

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