Collar or No Collar “Naughty Girl” by Scarlett Metal


“Naughty Girl” by Scarlett Metal is a light introduction to the BDSM scene. I LOVED it!!
The sizzling romance combined with the BDSM theme was incredible. This world is one that many people don’t touch outside their own imagination. It was well written and had an excellent pace. A quick steamy read that leaves a smile on your face. I kind of want a pretty collar myself.
I give this short read 5 vibrating dildos. The characters and their chemistry are a total turn on. The happy ending even better.

This book is HOT it has a mixture of BDSM and a knight in shining armor tale all mixed into one.
Alex is a regular at this club she is a submissive with an attitude until she gets in the bedroom. She goes to the club with her friend Stephanie and sees a new guy. She goes over to introduce herself and meets Paul. Paul is just out of a bad divorce and isn’t sure he wants to give a collar again and Alex isn’t ready to be collared. So they agree to meet at the club the next night then things take off. Along comes the attachments and feelings that they both don’t want to admit to and then in walks the obsessive Dom who Alex was involved with before he moved out of state. Alex doesn’t want him and Paul comes to the rescue.
This book has some really hot controlling sex scenes. It is definitely worth the time to read. I give this book a 4.5 twinkling stars for the mixture of BDSM and the white knight rescue.  


One thought on “Collar or No Collar “Naughty Girl” by Scarlett Metal

  1. […] dumb. I just needed a storyline with the sex. For those that want a healthier view of BDSM “Naughty Girl” by Scarlett Metal is a good choice. Love you my readers and don’t crucify me for not loving […]

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