Friendly Competition “Beg For It” by Minx Malone

This book shows why inter-office relationships can be so hot! “Beg For It” by Minx Malone is about two advertising executives who are best friends, but also competitors at work. Mya & Milo started working together about 5 years ago and enjoyed working together and keeping any competition friendly. At least until Mya starts to have feelings for Milo. She moves from Atlanta to Washington D.C. to get away from the attraction and Milo follows. They have a huge client coming in to discuss a new account and it is supposed to just be a meet and greet but turns out to be a pitch me your idea kind of meeting. Mya isn’t anywhere near prepared. Milo somehow knows that giving the pitch is coming and has a presentation ready! Being the competitive person she is, Mya bets Milo that she will win. The loser of the bet has to be the other person’s slave… that’s when things start to turn hot!! Relationships form and bets are won and job promotions are awarded. This book is a hot read, the sex is very steamy, and the story line grabs your attention and bets you it won’t let go.
4 1/4 twinkling stars for steamy and attention getting storyline.

Copyright 2013

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