Lord of the Rings for Tweens, “The Key of Kilenya” by Andrea Pearson


“The Key of Kilenya” by Andrea Pearson brings you into a world of magic, danger, and many strange and wonderful beings.
A “Lord of the Rings type of adventure that follows the story of 14 year old Jacob Clark as he attempts to retrieve a magic key. This key holds the power to destroy Kilenya and his own world in the wrong hands. The Lorkon, evil and immortal beings, have the key and want Jacob too. The story starts with a simple young man, wanting to get on the varsity basketball team, getting chased by terrifying wolves through a door to Kilenya. Jacob is thrust into this adventure against his will and along with Akeno, a Makalo, and two Minyas, September and Early, to save the Key. They find many dangers on the road, infected forests, dangerous Rogs, crazy gate keepers, and of course the Lorkon at the end of the road. They receive help from unexpected places and meet unexpected people. The end leaves you ready for book two of the series “The Ember Gods”. They have a missing member of their traveling party and the Lorkon are still after Jacob. He is safe and back home, but for how long?
I gave this book 4 1/4 twinkling stars. It was well written and the story really keeps you involved. There were a few slow points in the story I feel could have been filled with a little bit of history of Jacob or Kilenya, but maybe those blanks are filled in the rest of the series.

Copyright 2013

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