A New Twist on the Vampire Story “Hellbound” by Elizabeth St. John

I was contacted by the author to give an honest review of her book. “Hellbound” is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. It was truly a good read. The beginning was slow and was unfocused. Once the story and plot got focused it drew me into the story. There are several minor errors but once the story gets moving you barely notice them.
DeLinda is a vampire hunter. She lives a pretty secluded life because she can’t tell people about her job and her past holds her back. She works at T & J Extermination, the cover is pest killers, true job kill vamps. She dates a few guys from work, one is horrible and one is sweet. She finds out and is drawn into a secret life that her boss and co-workers are a part of. The sense of belonging is instant and it surprises her. What is this secret and why does she belong? Which guy is so sweet and which does she pick? To find out you’re going to have to read “Hellbound.”
I give this book 3 1/2 twinkling stars. It would easily be a 4 star book with some minor revisions and simple editing. The story is there and it is great. If you can overlook editorial errors it is worth a read.

Copyright 2013


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