Do Not Eat or Drink While Reading, “Seduction and Snacks” by Tara Sivec

Seduction and Snacks is written primarily in the first
person perspective by the two main
characters, Claire and Carter. Claire is a single
woman who while in college got extremely drunk at
a frat party and had a one night stand with a guy and
left him the next morning. She soon finds out that
shortly after losing her virginity to a stranger she is
pregnant. She remembers what he looks like and his
favorite movie but has not a clue about who he is or
where he lives. She and her best friend Liz look for
him or his best friend and can’t find them. Jumping
to Carter, and his best friend Drew crash a frat party
he see’s a girl across the room and decides to talk to
her and notices she smells like chocolate. She beats
him at beer pong and in the process he gets
extremely drunk and they end up sleeping together,
when he wakes up alone all he can remember is that
he slept with a girl whose scent he can’t get out of
his mind. Claire moves back home from college and
starts working as a bartender and waitress to help
with expenses of being a single mom. Five years
later she is still working in the bar but her friend Liz
has completed college and wants to open her own
business. She asks Claire to help her sell her items,
neglecting to tell Claire she will be selling sex toys.
After the first party Liz explains to Claire that part
of the business will be Liz selling the sex toys and
Claire selling her baked goods and candies. Claire
and Liz go to the bar so Claire can work her shift
and they can discuss the new business opportunity
and sitting at the bar getting drunk is Carter. Claire
serves him his drink then gets drunk herself. She
wakes up the next morning to her son Gavin sitting
on her stomach. Gavin is in one word precocious! The stuff he says and does will have you busting up
in laughter!! Claire and Gavin go to see Liz and the
shop she has set up for them. Liz’s fiancĂ© Jim who
works at a automotive factory assembling cars meets
Carter and Drew at the orientation and invites them
to his house for dinner one night after hearing the
story about how Carter is looking for a woman he
slept with 5 years earlier who smelled like
chocolate. The night they go to dinner is a night that
Claire does her solo party, she comes in to Liz and
Jim’s house ranting about what happened at the party
and how they were giving her vagina sad looks for
her lack of experience. As she is ranting Liz is trying
desperately to get her to stop and when she realizes
what she has done Jim hands her a bottle of vodka.
The introductions are made but Carter still doesn’t
remember who she is so she doesn’t tell him. They
start talking on the phone for awhile. Carter decides
he wants to go on a date with her and they end up at
the bakery/sex shop and he realizes that she is the
girl who smells like chocolate that he slept with he
is excited to finally have found her but in walks her
dad and their son, Gavin. Carter’s first meeting with
his son got him a punch to the nuts. From there the
fun that is Gavin starts as Carter learns what Claire’s
life has been like raising their child. Gavin doesn’t
stop talking and if left alone for short amounts of
time finds all kinds of things to get into or cause
trouble. Also Drew and Gavin’s interactions with
each other will have you laughing and shaking your
head at what comes out of their mouths!! I give this
book 5 beating hearts for the romance and the
constant laugh out loud moments in the book!!


I knew I was going to love “Seduction and Snacks” from the first chapter. By chapter 2 I knew this book would go into my all time favorite category. By chapter six I hoped this author had more books, she does! To start she has the rest of the “Chocolate Lovers” series book #2 and book #3
It starts with a story that is near to my heart. Its similar to my own. College girl just wanting to have fun with a good looking guy has a drunken one night stand. A few weeks later finds out she’s pregnant with Mr. One Night’s baby. So Claire gives up college and goes home to have a child and raise it. The book then skips forward about 5 years. You can tell she is struggling as a bartender, working hard to raise her child. She and her son are loved and have an excellent support system of family and friends. Her son Gavin is precocious and has an attitude of a sixteen year old (much like my own ds.) He cusses like a sailor and says the funniest stuff. While working one night she meets Carter. He has been dreaming of a one night stand he had about 5 years ago. You can see where this story goes. Does he fall for the hot ass bartender? Does he ever find out the truth? Does her story end like my own, with a white dress?
This book was a laugh a minute and the raw humor is reminiscent of Lisa Lampinelli. A total 5 star read and will make the rare shelf my favorites. Now I have to figure out how to buy the next two.

Copyright 2013

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