*Steamy*, Watching Her by Scarlett Metal 18+!!!!!

This book is steamy! Lizzie is a corporate
accountant who is always getting work dumped on
her at the last minute. One night while at Starbuck’s
she meets Brett, an incredibly sexy guy who asks her
to go to dinner with him the next night. She is all
excited until her boss dumps work on her again,
thinking she has to cancel he makes arrangements to
meet her after… that’s when it starts to get hot, for
Lizzie anyway. They start dating and getting to
know each other and finding what they like in and
out of the bedroom. Brett is loves to watch and it
turns him on to see Lizzie touching herself but his
real fantasy is watching to watch her with another
man. This is introduced when they go to a night club
and during the night they watch a guy on the dance
floor make his girlfriend cum while dancing. Brett
sends her out to dance with the girl and she
experiments with being touched in public with Brett
watching and being touched by another

Shortly after this Brett asks to introduce his
friend to the mix. This book has explicit sex scenes
and the concept of sharing one of which I wouldn’t
consider doing but it was interesting to read about. I
give it a 4 vibrating dildos for the sex scenes


Grab a fan, and ice cold drink, and put your man on stand-by you’ll need them all by the end of this novella.
“Watching Her” by Scarlett Metal starts with buttoned up Lizzie who meets smoking hot Brett working late in a coffee shop. She takes a risk and goes out with him. Her world opens up to include him and she ends up very pleased. He encourages her to embrace her wild side and in doing that her safe world falls away. She find who she is and runs to her new self with open arms.

I usually rate books by twinkling stars but they totally don’t fit this book. So I give this book… 4 3/4 buzzing vibrators! There were a few editorial mistakes that don’t take away from the book but I had to include that in my final assessment. Happy reading!


Copyright 2013

One thought on “*Steamy*, Watching Her by Scarlett Metal 18+!!!!!

  1. Scarlett says:

    Thanks for the review! I am fixing those errors today! Can’t believe they weren’t caught!! oops!

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