Redemption, Never Say Never series by CM Stunich

While thinking about the “Never Say Never” series by CM Stunich, all I could think about was the word redemption.

Never Ross is an emotionally wounded college girl. She finds her band aid in having sex with random college guys. One night while on the hunt for guys she meets Ty. Ty is a man haunted by a terrible past. These two connect and slowly build trust, friendship, and eventually love. The pasts they face and ultimately have to deal with are nightmares. The healing that takes place in these books should bring hope to all reading them. I decided to review these books all at once because all take place during a singular time-line and one book starts literally hours after the previous book ends. These are not books that you enjoy. They take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. There are many points where you just know that these people, who are perfect for each other, will take a wrong turn and ruin it all. The love and bravery they show to each other and the strength Never and Ty have amazes me. They pull themselves and each other through emotional mazes filled with razor blades. They come out a little bloodied but truly healing. But do they make it? Does something happen that can change their path to happily ever after? Do they lose heart, with themselves or each other?

I give this series 5 stars but not because I loved it. I really didn’t like the emotional path it took me down. But I don’t think the “ooh love it” feeling was what the author was going for. The ride I went on was what was intended. Rough and weary and beautifully written road it takes you down is worth the ride.


One thought on “Redemption, Never Say Never series by CM Stunich

  1. Kit Rav says:

    I just finished this. I agree with you in that the subject matter was not one I wanted to know more about, but the writing was full of such passion that I couldn’t help but love it.

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