Black Swan Boys “My Familiar Stranger” by Victoria Danann

I officially have my newest author crush! My Familiar Stranger and, hopefully, the rest of the series is awesome.
Elora is pushed through a vortex and placed into an alternate dimension. Its very similar to her own world. The jump between dimensions almost kills her but she recuperates and is befriended by a group of modern day knights known as the Black Swans. Storm, Ram, and Kay are the best of the best and bring Elora under their wing. She comes with knowledge of weapons and hand to hand combat and she teaches them some new things and they teach her a few things too, including how to kill vampires. Elora eventually finds herself caught in a love triangle between two of the three Black Swans and a vampire. She makes a few hard choices and picks one in the end.
Overall, this is an action packed romance. The sex is hot, cold shower hot, and the men are even hotter. Totally a 4 1/2 twinkling stars read!

In this book Elora Laiken is shoved through a portal to an alternate dimension that is very similar to her own by her trusted friend and teacher to save her life. Little did he know that the portal would almost kill her. Elora lands in a stone room in a bloody mess that is barely recognizable as human. There she falls on the mercy Ram, Storm & Kay from Black Swan Team B, a special team that deals with paranormal activity to keep the general population safe from vampires. Elora lands in the middle of a meeting to determine how the guys are taking the death of a fellow team member. At first everyone is shocked and unsure what to do with it, Ram feels a pull of attraction but decides to ignore it. The guys can’t decide whether to kill it or save it. Storm sees her eyes and feels compassion and carries her into the infirmary. He stays with her during the his leave watching her as she heals and starts to fall in love with her. As she gains her strength she starts to earn the trust of the men who are helping her. She is the only female living on the military base, so you can imagine the looks she gets as she walks around. The reactions from Ram, who we find out is an Elfin prince, and others are humorous. As she meets the men of Team B she is pulled between her attraction to Ram and her love and friendship with Storm. Then enter Istvan Baka a very old vampire who has decided to give up killing people and help to take out his own kind. Baka has a magnetic pull for Elora that causes some very disturbing feelings for the guys she works with. In the middle helping with an undercover operation the tension between Ram, Storm, Baka, and Elora goes up. Elora like the bad boy feeling from Baka, the special pull from Ram and the obligatory love for Storm who saved her life. Elora has a decision that has to be made and it isn’t an easy one.
I give this book a 5 twinkling stars review based on I couldn’t put it down!

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