Sweetness in a Cage, “A Shade of Vampire” by Bella Forrest

As someone who picks books by covers this did not get my attention the price did. I downloaded it when it was free on Amazon $2.99 isn’t bad either. The story had me though, from chapter one!
Sofia is typical teenage girl enjoying a good pout when her best friend forgets its her birthday. On top of that she has developed a crush on her best bud, Ben, and he is with another girl. In her fit of pique she stomps out into the night. As she marches down the beach she meets a man who drugs her and then kidnaps her. She finds out he is a vampire living in a community of vampires. Then she meets Derek, who claims her as his own. She finds herself caught in a web of deceit and vampire family politics. As Derek’s regard for her grows so do her feelings for him. The twist at the end leaves you craving more.
I can’t wait to see where the rest of the story goes! According to Bella Forrest’s site, link it shouldn’t be much longer. It is a fast read with a sweet romance. If you want bodice tearing lust this is not for you! The slow romance and innocence is a fresh spring breeze in the romance world. I would let my daughter read it. Age group I would say 14 and up as there are some instances where rape and sexual activity is hinted at. I loved this story it deserves the 5 twinkling stars.

Copyright 2013

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