Vampires, Zombies, and Anita, “The Laughing Corpse” by Laurell K Hamilton

The second book of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series “The Laughing Corpse” hit the spot.
Taking a short road trip with her boss to meet a client who has more money than smarts is where we come in. He wants her to raise a very old zombie. He even offers the human sacrifice. This is illegal and goes against Anita’s moral code. After her refusal Mr. Money bags tries to snatch her a few times and eventually succeeds.
Anita is also helping to investigate a flesh eating creature that leads her into nightmarish crime scenes. She questions a voodoo queen and finds some weird magic at work. She also is on the receiving end of a voodoo curse that brings cops to her door. To finally “solve” the case does Anita commit a crime that she could be put to death for? Is this the point when her black and white world starts to have gray spots? Can’t wait to see where Anita finds herself next! My only complaint is for a super sexy series there is no sex. Anita where are your men?
Overall, I give this 5 twinkling stars. This was a fun easy read. Buy This Book Here

Copyright 2013

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