Newest Obsession “Guilty Pleasures” by Laurell K. Hamilton

When I picked up Laurell K. Hamilton’s “Guilty Pleasures” I was ready for a fun read. I heard the series was sexy and exciting, so the last thing I expected was a virtuous heroine. Anita Blake stole my heart, we could be great friends.
She lives in St Louis, Missouri and the US has recently recognized vampires as citizens. Anita is an animator, she raises zombies for a living, and a legal vampire executioner. This book she goes to a vampire strip club for a bachlorette party and gets drawn in to a web of power-plays(vampire politics), danger, and death. The vivid descriptions of the people and situations are so realistic that you have no problem picturing the scene Hamilton is trying to create.
This series could turn into an all time favorite for me. It has all my favorite things, police work, romance, action, strong yet flawed heroine, paranormal creatures, and relate-able characters. My only complaint is all the guys have long hair, different colors, different lengths, different textures, but long. It drives me a bit crazy that I am not drawn to the male characters, but I still relate with Anita so it salvages the books. So overall I give this book four twinkling stars.

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