Needing the End

I finished reading the whole George R.R. Martin series over Christmas and I love these books. The country, the characters, and the story came to life in my mind. I really have never felt so attached to a whole cast of people.

The story is based in country called the Seven Kingdoms, or the Westros. The stories follow the Stark family, the Lannister family, and Daenerys the “last” member of the former ruling family.

The Stark family is your typical family that faces separation and loss. The challenges each of these family members face really make you want to cry for them, yell at them, and even smack them around occasionally. In the end you feel like they are the good guys and you want them to succeed.

Cersei Lannister, Queen of the Seven Kingdom and her family are power-hungery, shallow, and cruel, but as the story develops you begin to get attached to Tyrion and Jamie. It was almost like the more I hated Cersei the more I liked her brothers.
Daererys is the last Targaryon the original ruling family. I must admit I really don’t like her, she’s shallow and I don’t understand most of the choices she makes. The surprises coming in her life could bring a richness to her character that isn’t there yet. Then story just stops,
Mr. Martin please put me out of my misery! I need the end of these stories!

I love books and am not a harsh judge but I rarely read a book or series that traps me. That being said I give this series a 5 twinkling stars rating but it really is more like 10 on a scale of 1 to 5.

copyright 2013


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